Friday, May 17, 2013

Blog Every Day in May -- Day 15, 16 and 17

UGH!!  So a nasty sickness has taken over my home and family this week and I have barely been able to get up out of bed and open my eyes much less conceive of and execute blog posts.  So I'm going to try and do a little catching up.

May 15 -- A day in the life

OK, so this post originally asked for pictures to post as you describe your day.  Well, due to the nature of my line of work, I can't really show you anything work related.  So don't judge the amount of other things that I talk about and think that I DON'T actually work.  Because I do work......and damn hard too.  I wish I could show you how awesome I am at multitasking, but my work is a little sensitive with privacy issues and whatnot.  So here we go:

6:00 am -- wake up, iron a shirt for Ross, shower

6:30 am -- get Drew up to shower
6:45 am -- get the littles  up, make sure they get dressed and eat breakfast, make sure the dog gets out
7:00 am -- get lunches ready, make sure everyone has books, keys, phones, etc....
7:30 am -- Out the door, commute to work
8:00 am -- Work, work, multitask, typing, answering phones, more wonderful work
12:00 pm -- Lunch (Usually with hubby or mom if I'm lucky)
1:00 pm -- Back to work, many things, busy, busy, busy girl
4:30 pm -- Walk home if weather is good (sometimes the only real exercise I get in a day)
5:30 pm -- Home, make dinner, start homework
6:00 pm -- Depending on the night and the kids there are music lessons, soccer, drama, games, friends, etc.....
8:30 pm -- start getting littles off to bed
11:00 pm -- after laundry, cleaning, putting kids down, and setting the house in order, I get into bed and watch TV until sleep hits me

Now of course, this is a VERY condensed version of my day, but it gives you the idea.

May 16 -- Something difficult about "your lot" in life and how you're working to overcome it

I'm going to be honest......I've got NOTHING for this topic.  Has my life changed?  YES!  Were there hard times? SURE!  But I was raised in a loving family with two amazing parents and three great siblings.  I had all of my grandparents until into my early 20s, and now I'm almost 40 and have only dealt with the death of someone VERY close to me a handful of times.  Amazing, right?!?  I consider myself to be extremely blessed.

To be honest, and maybe just a bit trite, I think the only thing that could really improve my "lot in life" would be $ More Money $.  I realize that sounds incredibly selfish and superficial, but if my family had more money, our life would be a little easier.  

But who's wouldn't?

Now, I don't want to throw a pity party.  We are a comfortable middle class family that is able to enjoy the fun things in life.  We just don't have the luxury of being extravagant.  I often talk about life with my mother, and how we grew up "poor" and lived on Kraft dinner, and bedrooms had to be shared because we couldn't afford a bigger house.  My dad went through school twice while we were growing up. 

I am sure when my parents were raising the 4 of us there were some sleepless nights, fears and times of feverish prayers.  I'm sure they wished they could have done more, given more -- but they made it and helped shape us into what we are today.  I would not be who I am today without their guidance and I think I turned out pretty damn good.

Even now, raising my own three boys, married to a man with a myriad of health issues I can't say I've had a "difficult lot in life".  There are times when things are very hard and stressful, and sometimes I think it would just be easier to run away or bury my head in the sand..... but in those moments I remind myself that I can do hard things because I am strong.  Because God doesn't test me above what I can handle, so he must think I'm pretty strong too.  And who am I to question the faith that He has in me.

May 17 -- A favorite photo of yourself and why

Now, typically I HATE having my picture taken.  I mean, seriously, I would rather be behind the camera instead of in front of it.  Ever since I gained weight, I have had a horrible self image and probably a bit of body dysmorphia.  But I actually embrace this picture of me because it is genuine.  My smile is not fake and I don't want to delete the photo.  I don't think I look like a fat tub of goo....I look like a girl content with who she is.....and I guess that's a step in the right direction.

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