Thursday, May 23, 2013

Blog Every Day in May -- Day 21

May 21 -- Provide a list of links to all your most favorite posts from this blog.

OK, now we all know that I'm HILARIOUS!  So narrowing down to my favorite is going to be a tough task, but I've gone back to my very first blog post and am sharing with you my most favorite posts from the recesses of of my warped little mind:

Getting Older Sucks
Sex, Walmart and Videotape
The Little Things
Loud Noises
Darn You Extreme Makeover Home Edition
In Support of Soccer Moms
Legacy Revealed
Here Lies Erin's Fat Roll......RIP
What Dreams may Come
I'm Not Sure This is Sending the Right Message

1 comment:

Your Mama said...

These are ALL great BUT the FAT ROLL is HYSTERICAL!! STILL laugh out loud when I think about it :)

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