Friday, May 24, 2013

Blot Every Day in May -- Day 22

May 22 -- Rant about something.   Get up on your soapbox and tell us how you really feel (a pet peeve, a current event, a controversial topic.

Oh man, could I get going for days on a topic like this.  But I think I've finally settled on one.....

I hate how lazy and materialistic this world is becoming.  It's an atrocity really to see where future generations appear to be heading.  I once saw a sign on the web that said something to the effect of "I'm afraid of a world that will be run by kids who were never spanked, handed everything they wanted and given a trophy just for showing up".  It's so TRUE!!

Our society is growing up to be so ME-centric and our children are growing up thinking they are entitled to everything and anything they want.  It drives me batty.  Kids today have cellphones in elementary school, every possible game system imaginable their own computers, cars as soon as they get a drivers licence.  It's just insane.

(Now granted my kids have 2 XBox systems and Andrew has his own laptop, but these are things that they have worked for and paid for on their own.  My kids know the value of hard work and the worth of a dollar.)

Kids don't know the value of REAL work.  They just expect things to be handed to them.  These entitled brats grow into entitled teens and then into entitled adults who don't want to work; they just want to complain.  And man do they ever complain, long and loud....from Twitter to Facebook to Instagram -- the whole mess.

But get people as a group to get behind something that actually matters and actually takes work?!?  Forget about it!

Can you imagine if this was the generation that grew up during the Great Depression?  The Dirty Thirties?  Being called up to war?  What if  the women were asked to give up their clothes and worldly possessions and asked to work in factories to help the war effort?

I think people would die!!  I think we would be a complete and utter failure!

Now don't get me wrong, I know that there are good people out there.  Men and women that work hard and value their addition to society.

But the bad apples are starting to outweigh the good and it makes me sad, sickened and scared.

We need to look to our past and remember what hero's truly are.  We need to be more like them.

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